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2023 ESAE Association Awards Finalists

Impact Award

Love your liver

At the International Liver Congress in London, UK, EASL introduced a range of impactful social projects aimed at enhancing liver health awareness and fostering early detection and screening. These initiatives signify EASL's long-term dedication to expanding and fortifying these endeavors to ensure lasting and sustainable impact.


Eurordis Open Academy

The EURORDIS Open Academy empowers patient advocates in the rare disease community by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively engage in advocacy efforts. By fostering their expertise, the programme enables these advocates to contribute effectively to discussions on healthcare, research, and the development of medicines. As alumni of the Open Academy, individuals engage as equal partners in various initiatives aimed at enhancing care, treatment, and the overall quality of life for people affected by rare diseases, both at the European and national levels.


Sustainable Fertilizer Academy

In an era where businesses are increasingly relied upon to address environmental and social challenges, IFA takes a pioneering role by offering a distinctive e-learning experience through the Sustainable Fertilizer Academy. The SFA provides professionals with a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, encompassing all aspects from sourcing and production to the utilization of fertilizers. By equipping learners with practical knowledge, the SFA empowers them to effectively tackle real-world challenges and apply sustainable practices throughout the fertilizer industry.


National Registry for Childhood and Adolescent Cancers Greece

Karkinaki advocates for the establishment of cancer patient registries, crucial for providing essential support and follow-up healthcare services to children and adolescents affected by cancer. In February 2020, it orchestrated a series of meetings between the Prime Minister, young cancer survivors, and parents to advocate for the implementation of a National Registry. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis made a personal commitment, and in February 2022, the Registry was officially launched, marking significant advancement to enhance the well-being of cancer patients in Greece.


MEMO for war refugees from Ukraine arriving in Lithuania and the persons receiving them

The Memo for War Refugees from Ukraine provides crucial legal information covering important areas such as migration, social services, employment, accommodation, compensation, and access to free legal assistance. It aims to empower war refugees by equipping them with essential knowledge to navigate these aspects effectively.


Event Transformation Award

Effie Europe - Awards Gala

The Effie Europe - Awards Gala gathers up to 300 industry executives and academics to honor their achievements in marketing effectiveness. In response to the global disruptions of 2020, we swiftly adapted and transformed the event format. Over the course of three consecutive years (2020-2022), the show successfully transitioned to an online platform, allowing us to overcome the challenges posed by uncertainty and international event restrictions.

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#FoodFuture Ideas Fest

In June 2022, FoodDrinkEurope broke away from the traditional Brussels annual event script. Rather than opting for a classic conference hall, the Association erected three spacious tents in the picturesque garden of the Museum of Natural Sciences, where they proudly presented their inaugural #FoodFuture Ideas Festival and Summer Party. This extraordinary event showcased 23 groundbreaking ideas that shaped the future of food.


ICOM General Conference

Since 1948, ICOM has been organizing its triennial General Conference in various locations worldwide. In August 2022, the 26th ICOM General Conference marked a significant milestone as they successfully introduced a hybrid format for the first time, blending in-person and virtual participation. This innovative approach reflects their commitment to evolving beyond the traditional event model and embracing long-term event legacy planning.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Award

Women's Initiative in Lottery Leadership (WiLL)

The WiLL mentoring programme is designed for female leaders in the lottery sector who want to realise their fullest potential. It aims to create new opportunities for junior and mid-level women in the EL Membership, as either a mentee or mentor. The mission is to drive business growth by supporting the advancement of women into top positions of management, leadership and responsibility.


ITI's Empowering Vision: A Dynamic Strategy for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

ITI launch a 3-year DEI Strategic Plan to establish unparalleled DEI standards for their members and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable tech industry.
ITI led by example by establishing a solid DEI foundation internally and then expanding to the tech industry at large: through the creation of a DEI Award, the development of a technology programme for marginalized communities in partnership with a US university, and the development of a Diversity Leadership Programme.

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Like a Chef

Founded and driven together with Electrolux Food Foundation, the 'Like a Chef' program is an employment training initiative that provides professional culinary skills to underprivileged individuals. The program emphasizes on sustainable cooking methods with a zero food waste approach over 9 weeks. The program empowers various groups in need, including immigrant women, single parents, and orphaned teenagers, to provide for themselves and their families. With over 1000 graduates, there have been 8 training centers around the world (Poland, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Brazil).


Digital communication Award

Supported by: The Right Street

The growth of AIJA’s LinkedIn page

AIJA developed a digital communication strategy on LinkedIn to increase impact, visibility, and presence.
They did not use financial resources and achieved results only through sponsor visibility, collaboration with international associations, and work with management committees and interest groups.
This strategy, which proved to be very successful, allowed Them to increase followers from 13,585 in January 2022 to 17,750 in December 2022, which is equivalent to a +30% growth.


Packaging With Purpose

The public debate is often about packaging but rarely about the purpose of packaging. The review of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) offers a timely opportunity to raise awareness about packaging functionalities. Through the campaign Packaging With Purpose, they want to reconnect Packaging with its Purpose by going back to the basics and demonstrate what packaging is all about.


Social Network Analysis (SNA) & Digital Strategy Development

Plastics Europe conducted a data-driven Social Network Analysis (SNA) on Twitter to identify influencers, measure Plastics Europe's influence, map its themes of interest, and analyze top influencers and their interactions.
It was implemented during a period of transformation and rebranding. It enabled the refinement of messaging and key content pillars based on audience interests and online discussions. It expanded stakeholder outreach beyond traditional channels and shaped an internally aligned digital approach.

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