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Past Events


Roadmap to the EU Elections

23 April 2024

ESAE members had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming changes with experts during an exclusive in-person event in Brussels, the heart of Europe. These experts provided the attendees with knowledgeable projections for the future.

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The Art of Smooth Collaboration: Managing HQ & Regional offices

03 April 2024

During this engaging webinar, attendees uncovered invaluable insights into streamlining operations and fostering coordination between international and regional Association offices.

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Quantifying outcomes for Associations

13 March 2024

During this webinar, our panellists presented concrete examples of approaches to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and demonstrated how to measure impact within an Association through real-world case studies.


Innovative Tactics to engage Members through Conferences & Events

08 March 2024

ESAE went to Amsterdam!
We connected with the Amsterdam Association Community to expand our knowledge of innovation for Associations with two high-level sessions.
During this second session, attendees discovered innovative tactics to take their events to the next level and foster membership engagement at a time when delegates' needs and trends are evolving.

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Innovative Thinking in Association Leadership

08 March 2024

ESAE went to Amsterdam!
We connected with the Amsterdam Association Community to expand our knowledge of innovation for Associations with two high-level sessions.
During this first session, attendees discovered innovative tactics to take their Organisation to the next level and navigate a rapidly changing landscape and exchanged on the pivotal role of Association leaders.

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Revenue Diversification Trends

16 January 2024

During this panel discussion, we explored the dynamic realm of revenue diversification and discovered the current trends within Associations.
Our speakers showcased successful and innovative case studies highlighting effective strategies for diversifying revenue streams.

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Strategic Risk Management for Association Events

16 January 2024

During this session, we delved into the complexities of risk among event organisers, venues, PCOs, hotels, and destinations. Association professionals and stakeholders together, kickstarted 2024 with valuable knowledge on how to future-proof Conference and Events. Our speakers discussed pain points and potential mitigation strategies that can lead to necessary industry changes and stronger partnerships.


Finding a Hook that Cuts Through the Noise

12 December 2023

In this session, organised in collaboration with our partners at The Right Street and kindly supported by The Global Association Hubs Partnership, attendees discovered key tools to transform their messaging, find the perfect hook, and truly connect with their audience.

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Masterclass: Get on Board or Get Out - Designing the Strategic Governance you Need

08 December 2023

During this Masterclass, participants explored how mission, vision, strategy, and business model overlap and how to define governance-based strategy. Alessandro led us through the intricate induction and deduction process between reality and business models.


Association Leaders Forum

28 November 2023

 At IBTM World, we had the chance to listen to insights from high-level global Association professionals on the topics that matter the most for our profession, such as ESG, AI, the carbon footprint of conferences, and more. We also had a great time networking with peers to share ideas.

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Rising Stars: Boost your Association Management Career

24 October 2023

A Leadership Circle Event
During this interactive webinar, panellists and participants exchanged their views, ideas and best practices on Association management and the critical soft and hard skills required for success in the profession. This session was a platform for our members to connect with accomplished leaders and emerging talents.

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Policy Manifestos and Associations' Impact

26 September 2023

ESAE's milestone event at the European Parliament united Association Executives and policymakers to discuss manifesto creation, stakeholder engagement, and staying relevant in a changing landscape.  The goal was to empower Associations to shape a transparent and efficient policy ecosystem and efficiently fulfil their role of representing civil society.


A Transatlantic Look at Sustainability Legislation: From the Green Deal to the IRA

18 September 2023

The U.S. and the EU prioritize sustainability through differing legislation. On both sides of the Atlantic, Associations need to adapt to stay relevant. In this high-level webinar co-organised with ASAE, and kindly supported by The Global Association Hubs Partnership, we explored Associations' role as change agents for sustainability and the challenges they face with new dynamics in U.S-EU collaboration.

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Embracing Diversity: Lessons from the for-profit

7 September 2023

During an exclusive executive session, our members engaged in open discussions about the challenges they face in implementing diversity and inclusion and forged strategies to make their governance structure more diverse and future-proof.


Online Learning Opportunities for Revenue Diversification

29 June, 2023

Associations have witnessed a profound shift towards digital consumption, even as in-person activities resume. This webinar kindly supported by The Global Association Hubs Partnership, explored the use of online education and uncovered fresh opportunities that can enhance an Association's growth by diversifying and fortifying its revenue streams.


Association Leadership Survey Results

15 June 2023

This session unveiled the results of the Association Leadership Survey conducted by ESAE Leadership Circle and Mavence. It provided ESAE members with a unique comprehensive overview of diversity, compensation, leadership skills, and career advancement patterns within associations.

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Hiring an Association Executive – Brain teaser or a world of opportunity?

25 May, 2023

Hiring an Association Executive can be both a brain teaser and a world of opportunity. It's a crucial decision with legal and budgetary considerations, but with expert guidance, the right candidate can be found and a tailored contractual relationship established. EY Law and EY offered expertise in exploring the hiring process.


Board Vs GA Vs Secretariat: Who is (really) in charge?

25 May, 2023

An Association's Board must understand potential risks, but the Secretariat plays a crucial role in informing them. This event, in collaboration with Kadrant Law and EY Law, offers insights from experts to ensure organizational preparedness and resolve conflicts effectively.

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Sustainability Engagement: From Policy to Participation

20 April, 2023

During this webinar kindly supported by The Global Association Hubs Partnership, we exchanged best practices to overcome the challenges that Associations face in achieving sustainability across membership engagement, sustainable finances, governance, and more. Our panel of speakers provided insights on the EU sustainability agenda and discussed ways in which associations can ramp up their sustainability strategies despite having limited time and resources.


Advocacy gone wrong: valuable lessons learned

29 March, 2023

This session challenged the traditional narrative of success stories and provided opportunities to learn from past failures in a safe environment with peers. It brought together a high-level panel of Public Affairs and Association professionals who engaged in fruitful discussions with our participants.


Gen Z and Wellbeing: addressing new challenges in HR

10 March, 2023

The event brought together a diverse group of HR experts, association leaders, and Gen Z professionals to discuss key topics related to well-being and inter-generational management in the workplace. Held in a hybrid format, 15 people gathered in person at the UNESDA offices, while over 35 people joined the discussion online. Attendees engaged in an open and lively discussion, sharing insights and best practices on how to create a healthy and productive work environment for all generations.

​Sustainability of Events - Let's get on board!.jpg

Sustainability of Events - Let's get on board!

13 February, 2023

Over 50 Association experts came together at The Hotel in Brussels to brainstorm on ideas on the adoption of UN's Sustainability Goals for Association Events and listened to inspiring presentations and panel discussions from the leading experts on the topic. The workshop was designed by ESAE's Events Community of Practice.

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The New Frontier of Member Engagement: Customization and the Next Generation

8 January, 2023

55 ESAE members worked together to identify the most innovative ideas to engage with members in the post-pandemic era. Digitalisation opens new opportunities to customise our offering and appeal to young members and foster future leaders. With the help of MCI and their Engagement Index we saw what works differently for Trade Associations and professional Societies, offering a holistic view on Membership Engagement for membership-based organisations.


In Conversation with Leaders

8 December, 2022

During this exclusive Leadership Circle event, we had an interactive conversation about the inside and outside dimensions of leadership. Our invited speakers provided insights from different perspectives including Associations, NGOs, and the private sector.


Membership Engagement

18 November, 2022

The pandemic completely transformed the way we work and interact with each other and Associations need to review the engagement of their members. During this session, innovative solutions, new strategies, and re-imagining the membership experience were discussed.


Strength in Numbers: The benefits of coalition building

18 November, 2022

Associations need to rethink their strategies for remaining relevant. During this interactive session, everything from saving resources to maximizing impact was covered.


Legacy of Conferences

8 November, 2022

This interactive workshop was intended to help you understand the concept of legacy better, explore with colleagues how you can implement it, and what it can bring your Association and members. With concrete cases studies and with the support of our partners at the Copenhagen Legacy Lab, we offered some exciting and inspiring ideas to our members!

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Strengthening Your Team: Staff assessment and skill building

25 October, 2022

Assessing the skills of your team members and focusing on growth is key. During this session, experts in team-building provided us with tips and advice that will ensure that your team will be stronger than ever. Members worked in breakout rooms on ways to make their own teams stronger and more resilient.


Assessing Your Strategy: A hands-on team workshop

28 September, 2022

A workshop on re-evaluating business plans, and revenue models, and developing fresh strategies, essential for remaining relevant in a time of disruptions.


How to use Video Tools for Social Media and Outreach

13 September, 2022

From choosing the right platforms and solutions to involving the most charismatic people in your team, in order to target the stakeholders that matter, via the proper media channels. Associations now have endless opportunities to spread their message, and not all of them need to be costly!


Financial Audit for Associations: All that you need to know

5 September, 2022

With the help of experts and guest speakers, ESAE members got an exclusive opportunity to gain valuable insight on Financial Audit for Not-for Profits, in a session co-designed with our partners EY Law. Turning complicated procedures into practical and ready-to-use advice, we make sure ESAE members are equipped for the challenges ahead. A post-event report is shared with the whole ESAE Community.


Impact Assessment of Learning Experiences

6 July, 2022

The hybrid co-designed with Laurea Academy saw 40 ESAE members connecting online and in person for a master-class on how Associations can start measuring the impact of their Congresses and training events. Thanks to the case study by our member, Carine Lecoq, CEO of ESSO we put theory into practice to maximize impact.


A Global Approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Conscious Inclusion for Associations

30 June, 2022

A joint session with the American Society of Association Executives focused on DEI and what it means on both sides of the Atlantic. Associations need to be the example for the members and stakeholders they serve. We learned how in an interesting and very informative dialogue which is available on demand for ESAE members.

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Conflict Resolution and Governance Review

17 June, 2022

A high-level discussion between the co-Chair of ESAE's Governance Community and Kadrant's founder and partner, Giulia Mauri, saw 25 Association Leaders ask their questions about Governance review and Conflict Resolution with their own Associations, topics which become more topical for Associations operating in a volatile environment.


Developing an Advocacy Focus

1 June, 2022

This ESAE webinar was an opportunity for on members to expand their knowledge on Advocacy. It explored how already established Associations can shift their focus and realign their strategy in order to actively start doing Advocacy in an efficient, professional, and cost-effective way.

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Building Your Executive Skills Toolkit

3 May, 2022

ESAE designed and presented an interactive session at the European Association Summit that equipped Association professionals with crucial knowledge and engaged the EAS participants to share insights and learn from each other how to drive strategic planning in times of change!


Better Regulation: The next level for the VDL Commission

26 April, 2022

This ESAE exclusive C-level Luncheon covered the EU impact assessment and regulator policy strategy while offering valuable advice on how Associations can best engage with the European Commission to improve their growth and value creation. Association Executives had the chance to challenge Ms. Antonina Cipollone, Head of Unit at the European Commission, who graciously shared her insights.

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Tips for professionals beginning their EU advocacy journey

5 April, 2022

During this online session, ESAE members had the opportunity of receiving some highly valuable tips in understanding the challenges and opportunities for young professionals that are starting their careers in the intricate EU Advocacy world!

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The Price of a Leader

29 March, 2022

This ESAE Leadership Circle exclusive cocktail reception covered the profile of a leader and the responsibilities of a high position, while also offering advice and tips on confident and successful leadership and everything about remuneration and skills.

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Cultural Exchange: A transatlantic look at business models, value and engagement in a changing world

3 March, 2022

This online session kicked off our partnership with the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). This was an exclusive discussion among Association Leaders from both sides of the Atlantic, about the cultural differences between the two markets with regards to Association management, and how to best work to bridge them.

VAT Myths 2.jpg

Non-profit Organisations & VAT:
Some Pitfalls Unraveled

23 February, 2022

As Associations are professionalizing and digitizing their services, more and more VAT pitfalls come to the surface. Besides, the real complexity is not just understanding your tax obligations but also complying with them. With the support of experts from EY Law Belgium, this session helped ESAE members through the often complicated process of dealing with VAT for their services and events.

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Association Data Management – The backbone of member success

10 February, 2022

During this online session, ESAE members had the opportunity to dive into the important topic of Association Data Management and discover the most effective ways to collect and read data. The main event was followed by the separation of attendees into breakout rooms, allowing them the chance to engage in conversations about their own experiences. The event sparked interesting discussions and debates among attendees and speakers.


Legacy: What do we even mean?

27 January, 2022

During this webinar, ESAE members had the chance to take a deep dive into the meaning of Legacy, exchange ideas, and present their experiences on events that had significant impact on local society. The session was a unique opportunity to start a conversation on how to turn impact into legacy and what Legacy be for every aspect of an Association's operations.

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Turning Communication into Engagement

18 November, 2021

For many Associations, achieving high engagement can prove to be a challenge. During this session, more than 50 Association professionals received valuable advice, tips, and testimonials from experts in Communication for Associations. A key element that was highlighted during the webinar, was the importance of investing in internal communication first, so that external communication can have a true impact and reach the right audience.


The H Word - Hybrid Uncovered

21 October, 2021

Over 70 participants joined our first hybrid event online or on-site to learn more about the details of designing and hosting hybrid events, and discuss concerns, ideas and opinions. Our speakers shared valuable insights and personal experiences that will help attendees better organise events now that the trend of accommodating both in-person and online guests seems to be here to stay.


How to run a Lean Secretariat

4 October, 2021

The challenges Associations have been presented with in the past year and a half have highlighted the need for excellent team management. The session on How to run a Lean Secretariat was organised with the support of Kellen, and hosted an interactive conversation on what a Lean Secretariat looks like, how it can be achieved, and what organisations can do when aiming for that direction. 40 participants shared their insights, exchanged opinions, and discussed ideas that could improve the Secretariat of any European Association.


Noise versus Influence in the Twittersphere

14 September, 2021

Digital Advocacy has been a trending topic in the past few years, but has attracted even more attention during the Covid-19 pandemic. The "Noise versus Influence in the Twittersphere" webinar was organised in collaboration with Cambre. Experts analysed how the usage of data can help boost the Communication and Advocacy results achieved by Associations.


Remote Working After Covid

2 September, 2021

Working from home became the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now that more employers start considering a return to the office, adapting to this new reality can be challenging. During this webinar on Remote Working After Covid, ESAE collaborated with Acerta to give the floor to experts who shared information, ideas, and thoughts on the topic, hoping to make the adjustment to the post-Covid era smoother for other professionals.


Lunchtime brainstorm on Membership retention

29 June, 2021

Following the case studies discussions during our high-level workshop "How to avoid a membership retention crisis", ESAE members gathered to discuss how to best solve the member retention challenges Associations might be facing. This was the ultimate opportunity for Association professionals to exchange with peers and to find solutions to their membership needs together. The event was designed by ESAE's Communication and Membership Committee.


Trade Associations and EU Competition Law: What you need to know

3 June, 2021

With the Associations’ ever expanding competences and a leading role in EU and national policy, competition law compliance has never been more important. During this webinar, the relevant competition law issues you may often encounter were pragmatically tackled, and practical solutions to help navigate towards compliance, were proposed. The event summarized all you need to know about competition law compliance, tailored for Associations.


How to engage with the Media: A press regulator's perspective

27 May, 2021

During this unique panel discussion – only for ESAE – the leaders of the UK, Irish and Australian media complaint organisations shared their insights and experiences in self-regulation of media reporting. We heard stories from their lives walking the tightrope between media freedom and responsible journalism. The event was organised by ESAE's Communication and Membership Committee.


Women in Leadership: Pride or Prejudice?

17 May, 2021

What are negotiations all about, competition, compromise or collaboration? During this interactive workshop, Association Leaders, with the contribution of a negotiation skills expert, gathered to discuss challenges and experiences around negotiations and women in leadership in European Associations. In the end, it is not so much about gender but rather about other factors such as personality, approach, industry and cultural differences. The event was organised by ESAE's Leadership Circle.

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Building agile governance models for Associations

6 May, 2021

How can we make sure that our association remains fit for purpose? What can Associations learn from the corporate world and vice-versa? Leaders coming from a diverse range of Associations provided us with fruitful insights during this high-level panel discussion, exclusive to ESAE members. Our attendees challenged our panelists with questions, and exchanges insights on how to best govern an Associations in a time of crisis.


How to Avoid a Membership Retention Crisis?

26 April, 2021

How can strong member retention be ensured even in disruptive times? ESAE's Communication and Membership Committee designed an online workshop combining expert advice with a series of interactive case studies exploring some key retention challenges. ESAE members shared valuable insights on how Associations can ensure strong member retention and keep the community together, while securing revenues.


Agile Leadership to Guide Resilient Associations

April 21, 2021

Is Leadership something that can be taught? At this year's European Association Summit, Association Leaders gave unique insights on how to steer your organisation in a times of crisis. ESAE members get a full report with the key takeaways, while we hope to see you at the next edition of the EAS!


Influencing Stakeholders Remotely

March 25, 2021

ESAE's Advocacy Committee designed a panel discussion that looked back on 1 year of remote lobbying, identifying its challenges and how to overcome them, as well on prospects for EU Associations. The session, attracted 45 ESAE members that were able to ask their questions to our experts and contribute their input on the future of Advocacy.


Stability vs Agility: finding the right balance between  Strategy and Finances

February 25, 2021

The Covid pandemic is in not the first major crisis that Associations face and it will certainly not be the last, as we live in a highly volatile world. How can Associations adapt with limited resources? And how does this change really reflect on our structures and revenue streams? We had a very exciting panel discussion on the topic, full of inspiring case studies by our panelists.


Mapping the skills of great Association Leaders and how to use them

December 8, 2020

Our Leadership Circle networking event had to take place virtually this year, but it gave a great opportunity to Association Executives to discuss with peers and learn from an HR specialist, the skills required to run an Association at a time of crisis.


The Future of Lobbying in a digital and remote era

November 24, 2020

 How can an Association be a more effective advocate for the sector it represents? Our exciting panel combined the academical perspective with case studies employing insights from the communications aspect, HR and even stakeholder mapping in an all-around examination of lobbying in the post-covid times. 60 ESAE members challenged the panelists with questions in an exciting interactive discussion! 


How Artificial Intelligence can (em)power your Association

November 5, 2020

45 ESAE members tuned in for a panel of experts that presented examples of how AI can help Associations become more agile and efficient. Attendees and thought leaders challenges the speakers who engaged in a lively and insightful Q&A. A recording of the session was shared with our members.


To meet or not to meet... the cases for and against in-person events

October 23, 2020

In this engaging workshop 40 ESAE members worked together in groups on the pros and cons for in-person meetings in uncertain times. The interactive debate format allowed participants to develop ideas and produce a unique collective knowledge; the Associations Community response to an unprecedented crisis.


From short-term Recovery to long-term Sustainability

October 8, 2020

Associations not only need to get through the Covid19 crisis. They need to become agile and sustainable so that they can resiliently withstand any future challenges. ESAE's online workshop gave the opportunity to 45 of our members to work on case studies and brainstorm with colleagues on how to turn their Associations future-proof. The session included inspiring presentations with hands-on advice by members and partners.


Power Games: Board Vs Secretariat

September 15, 2020

From by-laws to everyday practices what is shaping the relationship between the Board & Secretariat, between the Presidents & Secretary Generals? A high-level online discussion among Association Leaders was attended by more than 75 members who had the chance to contribute their ideas and challenge the panelists. Legal, Governance and Strategic questions were put on the table in an insightful and inspiring exchange.


Digital Advocacy in times of Disruption

July 14, 2020

"Digital Advocacy in times of Disruption", a panel discussion full of exciting insights on the ways that Advocacy adapted to the Covid19 situation and its prospects for the future, took place online on 14 July.  Advocacy professionals from Europe and the U.S. and an expert from the European Commission engaged in an informative exchange with more than 55 ESAE members.


Events: Going Virtual

June 24, 2020

"Events: Going Virtual" had a great attendance of more than 85 ESAE members. Organised by ESAE's Events Committee, the session offered the opportunity to learn from case-studies, get tips and tricks on how to choose online tools and platforms but also focused on virtual General Assemblies.

2020-06-05 (4).png

Membership: Digital Engagement Strategies

June 5, 2020

Our webinar on Digital Membership was led by the ESAE Communication and Membership Committee and brought together more than 50 members to exchange ideas and case studies on how an Association can engage with its members in the era of remote working.


Lead like a Coach

May 26, 2020

ESAE partner, Joana Visa present practical tips for Association Executives from the lessons learned as a coach. The webinar, moderated by ESAE's Progaramming Committee Chair, Stylianos Filopoulos was attended by 25 ESAE members and focused on transformative leadership skills.


Leadership in a time of Crisis

May 14, 2020

53 attendees took part in a high-level discussion moderated by ESAE Leadership Circle's Cahir, Rafael Plata who led a stirring conversation with ESAE member Mohamed Mezghani and Anna Kulik from ECSDA. The webinar focused on how Association leaders fare during a crisis, particularly the one we are faced because of Covid19, the necessary traits and the optimal way to interact with colleagues and stakeholders.


Covid19 Financial Impact on Associations

May 5, 2020

More than 60 participants had the chance to exchange ideas with experts and peers in a virtual panel discussion analysing the impact of Covid19 to Assocations' budgets and the ideas to minimise losses and achieve solvency.


Horizon Europe: What Opportunities for EU Associations?

April 8, 2020

40 attendees followed an online presentation on Horizon Europe and how Associations can benefit from EU funding. ESAE members got the chance to ask their questions and get expert's advice by Quentin Galland


The Association of the Future Against Disruptions

March 11, 2020

ESAE's world café session at the 8th edition of the European Association Summit was rewarded with an overwhelming attendance. Around 80 attendees engaged in group discussions where they exchanged ideas on Governance, Membership, Advocacy and Communication and Events management. The European Association Summit was organised by


Public Speaking for Association Executives

March 5, 2020

Public Speaking becomes increasingly important for Association Executives and only few are born with the natural charisma. Fortunately it's a trait that can be learned! At our interactive workshop hosted by, we gathered 25 Association professionals who practiced their techniques with the guidance of an expert.


From Strategic Priorities to Policy Manifestos

February 11, 2020

Associations need to change the way they influence the decision-making policy to adapt to a new socio-economic landscape and integrate digital technology. All while trying to align with the E.U.'s agenda.
A high-level panel discussion with peers from a variety of Associations took place hosted by Martin's Brussels EU.

2020-01-28 - ESAE New year's reception -

New Year's Reception

January 28, 2020

A unique opportunity for members and partners to get together and reflect on the future of Associations and celebrate a year full of activities and networking opportunities. The Reception was hosted by Coworking Les Galeries and sponsored by Visit Flanders

ESAE Breakfast workshop November 2019 (1

The Congress of the Future

November 14, 2019

Together with VISITFLANDERS we organised a breakfast workshop, presenting innovative ideas to bring your congresses and events to the 21st Century.
Experts shared case-studies on how a new conference format and/or the right implementation of technology can take an Association conference to the next level.


Getting to know the new European Commission and its priorities

November 5, 2019

In this session of our “Roadmap for the EU Super-Year” series we identified key portfolios and the personalities of the new Commission taking office. We discussed the lessons learned from the hearings of Commissioners-designate and reviewed the new 5-year work program and its implications.


Digital Campaigning for Impact

October 29, 2019

Digital campaigning, when done right, is a powerful tool to convey a particular message or position and to shape opinions. 
During this interactive session, specialists from Cambre Associates shared tips and facilitated discussions on how to improve an associations’ digital campaigning capabilities that deliver results.


Making a Business Plan for Associations

September 17, 2019

Business Plans is an integral step to make an Association run professionally and ensure sustainability. Although we have vast knowledge on how to achieve so for business, Associations are quite different, especially those operating in a European and International level.
This peer-to-peer round-table brought together Association Leaders from various sectors, along with experts in the field to learn from each other by exchanging best practices and advice.


Who will be the next EU leaders?

June 25, 2019

An Interactive workshop that explored what new balance of power the European Elections bring. A session that helped Association leaders identify the key players and best plan their advocacy and monitoring strategies.

image 14.06_3.jpeg

The changing face of internal comms

June 14, 2019

This session,co-produced with Cambre Associates, offered advice and practical tips on how to keep members engaged, how to manage and share key information and communicate effectively internally in times of crisis.


Associations and the burden of Brexit

June 4, 2019

A roundtable that explored how Brexit can change the raison d’etre of Associations and what impact this can have on own resources, output efficiency, and decision-making processes.
Association leaders from various fields had a unique interactive exchange of how Brexit affects their organisations, what steps were taken so far and what are the expectations for the future.


Companies and Associations Code

May 21, 2019

The workshop explained the major changes brought by the New Code (e.g. performance of commercial activities, new liability regime for officers, new governance rules, restructuration and transformation procedures, etc.) which impact non-profit organisations. It explained what non-profit organisations are legally required to do due to the entry into force of the New Code and how to better benefit from it.


Prepare your Association for the next European Parliament

March 26, 2019

The 2019 EU elections have been characterized as the most critical of our lifetimes.  Is your Association ready? An interactive session, co-produced with Interel Association Management helped us learn what to expect from a completely new European Parliament and to get the best in-depth analysis on how to engage the new actors.


Digital ®evolution in your Association: Embrace. Engage. Excel.

March 1, 2019

ESAE's session at the European Association Summit drew inspiration from our annual theme, "Digitalisation for Associations". The digital tools in our disposal have already changed the way we conduct business, but what are we make the best use of what we have? And what can we expect from the future?


Digital panic: How to effectively manage a crisis online

February 19, 2019

During this session, part of ESAE’s series on public affairs and digital communications, specialists from Cambre Associates shared case-studies and provided practical tips on how to use online tools to improve an association’s crisis preparedness and be ready to deal with the worst, from planning to implementation.

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