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Communities of Practice

Our Communities of Practice provide a unique, safe, and informal space for ESAE Members to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate with professionals in their respective fields of expertise. These Communities cover different aspects of Association Management and are accessible to all ESAE Members. Through our online platform, ESAE Members can join any Community they wish, and actively participate in knowledge sharing, suggesting new topics and gaining insights from other peers. Each Community is Co-Chaired by high-level professionals in their fields.

Communities Co-Chairs

Advocacy Community


The Advocacy Community is a safe space for Association professionals to get together and discuss the latest developments in their practice, keep up with new trends and share best practices, invaluable for every Industry.

Communication and Membership Community


The Communication and Membership Community caters to Association professionals seeking insights and collaboration in the realms of strategic communication and membership engagement and retention. ESAE Members can exchange ideas, explore innovative communication strategies, and discuss the effective use of new tools and service providers contributing to the relevance of their organisation.

Digital Transformation Community


In an era of accelerated digital advancements and AI, Associations oftentimes struggle with transforming their structures and operations. this dedicated Community aims to help Associations of different sizes exchange advice and learn from best practices.

Events Management Community

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The Events Management Community welcomes professionals experienced in organising various types of events, ranging from workshops and webinars to international congresses. ESAE Members engage in lively discussions surrounding the latest developments helping them elevate their Associations' events and deliver outstanding experiences to their members.

Governance and DEI Community

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The Governance and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Community unites association professionals dedicated to improving governance practices and fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment within their organisation. By participating in this Community, professionals can exchange best practices, address topics such as representation and decision-making, promote accountability and corporate responsibility, and shape a positive organisational culture.

Health Community


The growing number of medical-related Associations at ESAE has led us to create a dedicated Health Community. to serve as a meeting point for the exchange of best practices, for networking and the dissemination of knowledge, and for coordinating their Advocacy efforts.

HR Community & Finance Community


The Finance & HR Community provides a platform to exchange best practices on topics such as budgeting, financial planning, remuneration, payroll and compliance, financial reporting, employee development, risk management, and well-being.

Strategy Community

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From Diversifying revenue streams or adapting their Associations to disruptions, or mission and vision with operations, the ESAE Strategy Community is tailored for high-level Association Executives seeking to make sure that their Associations are fit for purpose.

Sustainability and Legacy Community

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Sustainability and Legacy creation are becoming intertwined for Associations. This Community is the ideal place to share best practices, get inspired, and discuss the latest developments for Associations to fulfill their mission and vision  and have a positive impact on society.

Communities: Membership
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