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Communities of Practice

ESAE is committed to engage talented members who wish to contribute to the development of the society and the association sector in general.

Any ESAE member can join one of our communities to contribute and make a difference. You’ll have exposure to a vibrant network along with a wealth of knowledge and experience you can’t find anywhere else. Our team is tight-knit, but incredibly welcoming. Check out our community's goals below to learn more and contact us at any time if you wish to join a community.

And check our upcoming Community Meetings!

Advocacy Community


The Community's goal is to further develop the concept of exchange in interactive sessions increasing the knowledge amongst the association leaders and helping to get insights into new practices of advocacy. Its vision entails the exchange of experience on EU-advocacy amongst association leaders and association public affairs experts.

Communication and Membership Community


The community hosts knowledge exchange and conversations on communication and membership. Its members get together to exchange on strategies and share insights on online tools and providers. They also assist in refining ESAE’s message and improve its communication strategies and practice.

Events Management Community

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The Community is comprised of experts in Events, with many years of experience in conferences, workshops and incentives. It explores the latest developments in the events and meetings industry and organises peer to peer workshops for Associations.

Governance Community


The Community brings together Association professionals who are experts on all things Governance. The Community serves as a place where discussions can take place, and the exchange of opinions and experiences is encouraged. The members are welcome to contribute to the conversation and help improve European Associations with best practices.

Health Community


The Community focuses on the exchange of knowledge among executives working for Associations in the Health field. With this topic being more relevant than ever at the wake of a global pandemic, Association professionals are encouraged to discuss, exchange views, and engage in debate.

Strategy Community

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A community for Association professionals to exchange their views on strategy. This is a topic that is always very relevant for Associations. Within this community, Association professionals will have the opportunity to discuss and develop new strategy designs that will benefit the European Association Community as a whole.

Digital Transformation Community

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This community focuses on digital transformation and brings together Association professionals to help improve ESAE's digital strategies. With the world moving towards a digital reality in high speed, ESAE is committed to bringing members together in order to discuss and understand the best ways to approach digital transformation.

Legacy and impact of Associations Community

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Members have the opportunity to get further clarity on the meaning of legacy, its value for different stakeholders and the importance of embedding legacy within your strategic planning moving forward. Associations will need to be more mindful than ever about their impact in the post-covid world.

Finance Community


The Finance Community is a dedicated space for Association Professionals to exchange knowledge on issues related to finance. It is a space for members to come together and discuss, grow, learn, and help push the European Associations Community forward when it comes to finance-related issues.

HR Community

HR Community

This is a community for Association professionals who are keen on exchanging knowledge on HR-related matters. Human Resources are a vital part of any Association. Within this Community, members will find the appropriate space to learn, exchange ideas, and discuss on how European Associations can improve their HR policies.

Communities: Membership
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