About ESAE

The European Society of Association Executives is the leading organisation in Europe for bringing together association professionals. We facilitate the exchange of best practices among peers and ensure that current and future leaders understand the association business and strategy.

ESAE's resources and networks enable members to grow by offering a platform to exchange professional developments and best practices. ESAE members enjoy varied opportunities to learn and swap insights with other association executives across the continent, through a range of events, seminars, networking initiatives and educational activities.



Giuseppe Marletta

ESAE President

Managing Director, Europe Association of Corporate Counsel

Maria Rosa Gibellini

ESAE Vice-President

Director General, European Internet Forum (EIF)

Caroline Teugels

ESAE Treasurer

Executive Director of the International Federation of Podiatrists

Attilio Caligiani

ESAE Board Member

Director General, World Iodine Association (WIA)

Stylianos Filopoulos

ESAE Board Member

Wouter Lox

ESAE Board Member

Secretary General, European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN)

Chloe Menhinick

ESAE Board Member

Director of Communications, International Currency Association

Alexander Mohr

ESAE Board Member

Executive Director, European Flavour Association (EFFA)

Mike Morrissey

ESAE Board Member

CEO, European Cancer Organisation

Rafael Plata

ESAE Board Member

Secretary General, European Association of CCP Clearing Houses (EACH)

Beatrice Richez-Baum

ESAE Board Member

Director General, the European Confederation of Directors Associations (ecoDA)




ESAE Programme Manager

With a background in Economics, International Relations and Art, Ioannis has been running ESAE's Secretariat since October 2018.

Media and Communications Intern

With two master's degrees from KU Leuven University, Lieselotte joined ESAE's team on January 2021.


Honorary Presidents

Luc Maene
ESAE President 2000-2013

International Consultant

Alessandro Cortese
ESAE President 2013-2015


Philip Springuel
ESAE President 2015-2017

Strategic Director of Business and non-profit Organisations

Florence Bindelle
ESAE President 2017-2019

Secretary General at EuropeanIssuers


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