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About ESAE

The leading organisation in Europe bringing together Association professionals, fostering the professionalisation of Association management through peer-to-peer echanges.

Our Mission

Connect European Association Leaders and Executives to share knowledge, experience and know-how on all aspects of Association management and leadership.

Inspire professional development and cultivate future association leaders through peer-to-peer networking events and educational workshops.

Establish effectiveness and professionalization of the Association sector and promote standards.


Our Board

Our Board of Directors is composed of accomplished Association Executives. With expertise and dedication, they shape ESAE's direction.

Our Members

Our members are Association executives and professionals. Our community is expanding throughout Europe and beyond, while the quality of its members speaks volumes for our profession as a whole.

What we do

Through our extensive resources and expansive networks, ESAE members have the chance to broaden their knowledge and expertise.


Events and Webinars

Our events provide a stage for interactive learning and knowledge exchange, in Brussels and beyond, covering a wide spectrum of topics relevant to association management.

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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice aim at bringing together Association professionals with common interests, in order to encourage the exchange of experiences, opinions, and good practices. The communities meet regularly for focused discussions.

Leadership Circle

Our Leadership Circle is a dedicated service for high-level Association executives. It provides a peer-to-peer platform to exchange views on management and strategic matters and hosts dedicated events such as leaders' workshops and seminars.


Knowledge resources

Through our knowledge library, our studies, reports and recordings, we provide a comprehensive array of resources for Association professionals.


Contact us

ESAE, Square de Meeûs 38-40 | 1000 Brussels


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