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About ESAE

The leading organisation in Europe bringing Association professionals together


Our Mission

Connect European Association Leaders and Executives in order to share knowledge, experience, and know-how on all aspects of Association management and leadership.

Inspire professional development and cultivate future association leaders through peer-to-peer networking events and educational workshops.


Establish effectiveness and professionalization of the Association sector and promote standards.

Who We Are

ESAE fosters the professionalisation of Association management through peer to peer knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Thanks to our platform, Association professionals learn from one another, gain a thorough knowledge of the sector, overcome common challenges, and develop the skills necessary to create effective strategies for success.

What We Do

Through our extensive resources and expansive networks, ESAE members have the chance to broaden their knowledge and expertise.


Events and Webinars

Our events provide a stage for interactive learning and knowledge exchange, in Brussels and beyond, covering a wide spectrum of topics relevant to association management.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice aim at bringing together Association professionals with common interests, in order to encourage the exchange of experiences, opinions, and good practices. The communities meet regularly for focused discussions.

Leadership Circle

Our Leadership Circle is a dedicated service for high-level Association executives. It provides a peer-to-peer platform to exchange views on management and strategic matters and hosts dedicated events such as leaders' workshops and seminars.


Knowledge resources

Through our knowledge library, our studies, reports and recordings, we provide a comprehensive array of resources for Association professionals.

European Association Summit

During the past eleven years, the summit has established itself as a reference for knowledge exchange among Association professionals in Europe. Organised by ESAE, the 12th edition will be designed by and for Association professionals.

European Association Awards

The European Association Awards identify and reward projects that can inspire the whole Community. They aim to highlight the knowledge and team members who usually stay out of the spotlight, to learn from best practices and transferable knowledge.

Our Team

ESAE Board
The ESAE Team: Team Members
ESAE Communities Co-Chairs
The ESAE Team: Team Members
ESAE Secretariat
ESAE Honorary Presidents
Giuseppe Marletta
ESAE President
2019 - 2021

Managing Director, EuropeAssociation of Corporate Counsel

Florence Bindelle
ESAE President

Secretary General at EuropeanIssuers

Philip Springuel
ESAE President

Strategic Director of Business and non-profit Organisations

Alessandro Cortese
ESAE President


Luc Maene
ESAE President

International Consultant

DEI & Transparency

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At ESAE, we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion because we believe these principles are essential and beneficial for society as a whole. To solidify our commitment, ESAE's Board of Directors approved a DEI charter on 9 December 2022, and appointed a Board Member responsible for DEI, Liesbeth Switten.

ESAE strongly believes that embracing and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion is essential in order to make Associations thrive. Beyond being more inclusive, organisations that apply DEI perform better, grow their reputation and have a stronger employer’s brand.

ESAE aims to assist Association leaders and executives, as well as associations themselves, in their efforts to be inclusive and lead by example, by:

  • promoting and practising inclusion.

  • providing assessment tools, template policies, and training.

  • offering a discussion forum.


ESAE especially wants to provide a safe environment for sharing experiences and shaping opinions on DEI, in order to develop guiding principles that are relevant for the framework of Associations and their leaders and executives. In doing so, we advance ESAE’s mission while also providing added value to members and society.


ESAE Statutes

Privacy Policy

Internal rules

Contact us

ESAE, Square de Meeûs 38-40 | 1000 Brussels


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