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Cultivating the Next Generation of Association Leaders

ICCA Future Leaders Council

The ICCA Future Leaders Council (FLC) project is an initiative by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). Recently recognised as a finalist in the European Association Awards, organised by the European Society of Association Executives (ESAE), the project seeks to nurture and promote rising talent in the Association meetings industry.

Providing Growth Opportunities for Emerging Leaders

ICCA launched the FLC to infuse the organisation with fresh perspectives and challenge the status quo. The project aimed to provide visibility and growth opportunities for emerging leaders, offering them practical experience in board operations and strategic decision-making. This initiative is vital for developing future leadership within the Association meetings industry.

Development and Execution of the Project

ICCA members were invited to nominate rising stars within the Association meetings industry under the age of 35 for a two-year term. The council included representatives from Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Candidates submitted an application letter and a video, which were reviewed and shortlisted by the ICCA Chapter Chairs.

During the term, members of the FLC meet regularly and collaborate on four projects, two self-chosen projects and two selected by the ICCA board. They then have the opportunity to present these projects to the Board during board meetings, allowing for the young leaders’ contributions to be integrated into ICCA’s strategic framework.

Positive Outcomes for Young Leaders, the Association and the Industry

The FLC has generated numerous positive outcomes for the members themselves, the wider ICCA Community and the collective Association meetings industry.

For the members of the Council, their participation provides additional avenues for them to advance in their careers, gaining visibility and recognition throughout the ICCA Community.

For ICCA, the FLC contribute new ideas and a fresh approach to strategic thinking, ensuring it remains relevant in today’s world and improving our offering for the Association meetings industry.

Ongoing Projects

The projects that the FLC have undertaken to date include an Engagement Toolkit to assist global ICCA Chapters in engaging young professionals and students through targeted engagement with educational institutions. The toolkit was developed to be used as a working document and included a reporting framework.

Through their projects the FLC have also explored social sustainability, Associations of the future and innovative event formats. Check out the wrap-up video of the Innovative Event Formats project below.

The FLC members also play key roles in the Young Professionals Forum in the lead-up to the ICCA Congress, demonstrating their engagement and inspiring other young professionals. The council’s efforts showed how integrating social initiatives into event planning could deepen participant connections and foster meaningful involvement.

The ICCA Future Leaders Council strives to introduce new ideas, offer substantial growth opportunities for young professionals and propel ICCA’s strategic thinking forward. Read more about the Future Leaders Council here.


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