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  • John Skinner and Joel-Zvi Chetzroni

ePosters: A Powerful Tool for Association Events

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

In this article, our partners at Multilearning present an innovative alternative to printed posters: e-Posters, which combines the best of in-person with the best of digital!

Video Tutorial for ePoster Authors: How to record an audio narration for each section of your ePoster? Source:

The Poster format is a time-honoured way of presenting (often early-stage) study data that is both informal and informative. Back in 2007, a few brave associations decided to replace their paper-and-panel poster sessions with electronic posters, or “e-Posters”. Naturally, many were sceptical and predicted the worst.

“The interaction is not going to be the same”. “We like bringing our paper posters.” “No one wants to look at screens.”

It brings to mind the well-known quote attributed to Henry Ford: “If I’d surveyed my customers before I built my first motor car, they would have told me they needed a faster horse!”

Fast-forward to the present: The premium “ePoster” services now combine the best of in-person (interaction, spontaneous discussions, informality) with the best of digital (sharing, rating, enhanced presentation, multimedia).

Another factor is environmental responsibility and sustainability. First, renting thousands of poster boards and signs is no longer required, and second, paper posters are not disposed of in the trash afterwards. In addition, the person-hours for set-up and tear-down, carpet rental, and other items can be saved.

The main benefit, however, is that ePosters work because they are highly engaging. They can range from static images of a paper poster to fully interactive experiences with audio and video, and they work well for all types of events: in-person, hybrid and virtual.

ePoster with audio narration, video animations and section-by-section “tap-and-zoom” presentation

ePosters come in a versatile format and have many features, depending on the provider selected:

• Searchable on-site and online before, during, and after the event and digitally enhanced to view all search results in one panel

• Viewable from any device—phone, tablet, laptop, desktop—and often displayed on-site on touchscreen stations.

• High resolution with up to 400 percent auto-zoom on sections for easier viewing during a presentation

• Each section can contain the author’s self-recorded audio narration or an embedded video to hear or visualize in-depth explanations.

• Each ePoster can feature additional resources and have its own discussion space with notifications sent to ensure endless deep discussions on the topic.

• ePosters are easy to save as favourites or share via email or QR code.

Example of ePoster with an auto-zoom on a section with an embedded video animation playing

Finding the Right ePoster Vendor

Knowing your goals before sending an RFP to ePoster vendors is imperative. First, check out associations that have used ePosters and gather information to generate a list of what you think you’ll need; then, ask vendors for a demo.

Here are some key points to keep in mind during the vendor-search phase:

• Verify that their software has all the features you need to efficiently and effectively structure your poster sessions according to your scientific program, with locked screens on one or multiple posters at specific times and on particular touchscreens.

• Check poster browsing capabilities to see if attendees may find posters by title, poster abstract, or author’s last name. Engaging with the authors by sending questions, answering polls and more is vital.

• Ask about a dedicated project manager and technical assistance for your ePoster authors: What hours are their reps available? Do they allow last-minute modifications even during the event?

• How do they collect ePoster presenter information and authorizations? Do they provide a personalized touch with author photos, videos, bios, or social-media addresses for authors who opt-in?

• Can their platform allow submitters to easily self-record audio narration from any device and submit embedded videos?

• How does their platform design integrate with yours, and do they have Single SignOn (SSO) capabilities?

• Ask about their data tracking. In addition to the number of views each ePoster receives per day or session, can they measure the time attendees spend viewing the ePosters?

• Ask for references from associations like yours and which AV companies they have worked with.

As with all meeting technology, the landscape is continuously evolving. Migrating to ePosters with a reputable supplier will enhance your programme and attendee experience immeasurably. In addition, it will allow you to initiate new strategies to boost traffic in your exhibit hall, significantly enhance the level of exchanges during poster sessions and much more.

MULTILEARNING Group is a Montreal-based EdTech company at the service of 100+ medical and scientific societies worldwide. Contributing to this article was Joel-Zvi Chetzroni, CEO of MULTILEARNING Group. For more information, contact or visit

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