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Future of health - It’s time to connect the dots: The Case Study of MedTech Europe

Connecting the Dots is a video series by MedTech Europe produced by BBC Story Works

In this article, discover the Connecting the Dots campaign, winner of the Digital Communication Award at the European Association Awards 2024. Discover how MedTech Europe leveraged strategic collaborations, innovative storytelling formats, member engagement and a dynamic online platform to raise awareness about the crucial role of medical technologies.

About the campaign

In November 2023, MedTech Europe, the trade association for the medical technology industry, launched the second season of Connecting the Dots, a series of mini-documentary-style films produced by BBC StoryWorks.

This season of Connecting the Dots continues the success of the first season launched in 2020. The decision to produce a new video series was driven by the success of the inaugural season, which inspired our members and BBC StoryWorks to request a second season.

Each film presents the stories of patients, healthcare professionals, and innovators, providing a profound understanding of the impact and potential of the medical technology sector - from proven solutions to cutting-edge innovations.

The series aims to reveal to policymakers and the general public that innovation is the lifeblood of Europe’s medical technology sector.


This series highlights the pivotal role of medical technologies and organisations in redefining healthcare, enhancing patient outcomes, and streamlining clinician workflows. It offers an in-depth look at the positive impacts of medical technology solutions on patients and healthcare professionals, celebrating cutting-edge innovations while addressing the significant challenges that remain. Through this exploration, the series encouraged open dialogue about the ongoing evolution of healthcare and the promising advancements on the horizon.

The Connecting the Dots campaign innovatively integrated various elements in video production and distribution. A strategic partnership with BBC StoryWorks brought credibility and storytelling expertise, leveraging the renowned BBC brand to reach a diverse audience. MedTech Europe’s strong network of members also allowed BBC StoryWorks to discover stories to tell around the world.

The heart of the campaign lay in the video production phase, where real stories of patients and healthcare professionals were captured to showcase the profound impact of medical technologies. The decision to present stories in a mini-documentary style added authenticity and emotional engagement, creating a profound impact.

Dissemination and outcome

Following this, the campaign's multichannel distribution strategy across MedTech Europe's and BBC's platforms ensured a comprehensive reach, targeting policymakers and the general public. The post campaign analysis included a holistic examination of metrics and stakeholder feedback, adding a qualitative dimension to the campaign's success.

Quantitatively, we tracked engagement through official website visitor metrics and video views, offering a clear numerical assessment of our online reach. The series garnered 40.7 million impressions on social media and 12.2 million total video views.

Qualitatively, we gathered insights from relevant stakeholders, policymakers, and our membership community. This mixed-methods evaluation strategy ensured a comprehensive understanding by combining hard metrics with valuable subjective feedback.

In summary, the Connecting the Dots campaign stood out in raising awareness about the crucial role of medical technologies in healthcare through strategic collaborations, innovative storytelling formats, member engagement, and a dynamic online platform.


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