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  • John Skinner

How a new approach to ePosters can make your meetings more engaging and sustainable

Discover how sustainability and engaging live-learning experiences can coexist in Association management. This article from our partners at Multilearning explores the transformative potential of ePoster sessions, a highly sustainable and interactive learning format that reshapes the landscape of meetings and events.

Sustainability has become a sine qua non in Association management, especially in event organization. All aspects of our work are under scrutiny as we strive to lessen the impact of our activities on the planet.

The big question for education-focused Associations is: How can you be sustainable AND offer unique live-learning experiences? ePoster sessions are uniquely suited for interactive learning and can be engaging and fun. Sessions are often held informally with a snack and a drink.

This is an environmentally friendly activity, and everyone looks forward to it. Studies have shown that if we're relaxed and enjoying ourselves, our brains will be more open to learning!

This is true both for the audience and for the presenter. With a well-planned layout and a user-friendly, interactive interface, the presenter feels comfortable and opens up, while the audience feels engaged and contributes freely.

So it's a win-win situation. Delegates learn and participate while enjoying themselves.

What's more, many Associations will tell you that their most groundbreaking ideas and research start life as a spontaneous discussion at a poster session. New concepts such as oral ePoster sessions, where poster authors interact and engage freely with their audience, are changing the format of meetings.

And what about sustainability? Let's see: no printing, no ink, no paper...

Thousands of trees will be saved by a switch to ePosters. Not to mention the space requirement (and therefore energy use) is drastically reduced. ePosters, with the screens hired locally, are a highly sustainable option.

What attendees love about ePosters is that they can be customized to meet specific requirements, accommodating schedules and spatial needs. There are hundreds of creative ways to handle ePosters.

  • Schedule hundreds of moderated ePoster presentations.

  • Utilize both enclosed rooms and open-plan areas for variety.

  • Establish an ePoster café for interaction with experts.

  • Create color-branded, topic-focused zones to draw attention.

  • Position the ePoster zone adjacent to the Exhibition Hall to increase participation.

To provide more control, certain suppliers offer the option to switch from free browsing to "locked" screens. This feature ensures that shortly before the poster session, each screen in the venue only displays the posters scheduled for that session.

Careful setup of digital signage allows you to generate structured traffic flow within the venue.

Once the sessions start, specialist software helps transform the screens into multimedia centers, optimized for presentations and engagement.

This new approach is transforming the flow of meetings, encouraging livelier presentations, higher attendance, and fewer no-shows. It can even be adapted to fill your exhibit hall.

Welcome to a more dynamic information-sharing environment! Once the sessions end, attendees may continue to browse posters freely on the touch screens or the meeting app.

Advanced ePoster solutions can easily adapt to your existing meeting program and integrate with your AV and App vendors.

If you want to find out more, is a good place to start! MULTILEARNING Group is an EdTech company serving100+ medical and scientific societies worldwide with over 20 years of experience. Get in touch with John and Pierre-Yves to talk about ePosters and sustainable live learning.


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