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LJAA's project to support Ukrainian Refugees in Lithuania

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

The Lithuanian Young Bar Association (LJAA) developed a MEMO compiling invaluable legal information tailored for war refugees from Ukraine and the Lithuanian residents who offer their assistance.

This project received special recognition during the ESAE Association Awards 2023 for its impact.

As the unprovoked and unjust war in Ukraine continues, more and more people are forced to leave their homes, find housing, work, or school for their children in another country and rebuild their lives.

We believe that each of us can help those fleeing Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, and all forms of assistance are equally important, from welcoming refugees to housing and providing basic necessities, health care, and other essential needs.

We, the members of the Lithuanian Young Bar Association (LJAA), support Ukraine's aspiration to maintain the sovereignty and independence of its state and wanted to contribute to the effective integration into society of persons forced to leave the land of Ukraine and come to Lithuania.

We have prepared this set of legal information for war refugees from Ukraine and Lithuanian residents providing assistance to them. In the memo, you are able to find the most relevant legal information on migration, social services, employment, and accommodation issues, which has been collected through analysis of laws and materials provided by various authorities.

In addition, we would like to emphasize that the memo has been translated into the Ukrainian language. Our aim was to ensure that the information reaches as many individuals as possible, including those directly affected by the Russian aggression. Moreover, upon the release of the memo, members of the Association actively shared it through their personal social media accounts, amplifying its reach and accessibility to a wider audience. By employing various platforms, we sought to maximize the dissemination of this valuable legal resource within both the Lithuanian and Ukrainian communities.


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