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Love your Liver: An Award-winning project

Updated: Jun 24

The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) presented impactful social projects at the International Liver Congress in London, UK. These initiatives, known as 'Love your Liver', promote liver health awareness, early detection, and screening. EASL's commitment to expanding and strengthening these efforts for lasting impact was recognised with the ESAE Association Impact Award 2023.

EASL: Advancing Hepatology for a Healthier Future

EASL is the continent's foremost organisation striving to serve as the Home of Hepatology. EASL’s mission is grounded in ensuring that all professionals in the field can realise their full potential in preventing and curing liver disease.

EASL Congress is the yearly flagship event and brings together professionals from around the world to discuss the latest scientific advancements, best practices, and public health strategies. People and patients are at the heart of the medical Association's vision – 'Many ways, One aim: beating liver disease' – and in 2022, EASL embarked on a project to bring its passion for liver health directly to the communities that host its events.

LOVE YOUR LIVER: Raising Awareness, Promoting Early Detection, and Strengthening Community Bonds

Over the last two years, EASL has rolled out several projects in two countries under the banner of LOVE YOUR LIVER. These projects aim to raise awareness for liver health, promote early detection and screening, and build strong relationships with the communities we serve.

In 2022, EASL implemented two projects, a visit to a local primary school and the operation of a mobile clinic. These two projects directly align with organisational goals to shift the paradigm of liver care away from end-stage management and towards prevention and early treatment.

The launching of these first projects was met with incredible success:159 people were screened at the Congress, over 60 pupils were educated about liver health, and through extensive media dissemination, over 5 million people around Europe were reached with the message.

Maximizing Impact: Partnership with Local Actors, Evaluation and Strategic Planning

The foundation for this success is grounded in the partnerships EASL develops with local actors committed to the betterment of their cities and their communities. Without them, the impact projects would not have reached the heights they have. The dedication of our partners as the convention boards, local doctors and public health specialists, educational institutions, and more, made it possible for EASL to grow the projects and expand their reach at EASL Congress 2023.

After the International Liver Congress in London in 2022, EASL published an impact report. This report analysed data collected throughout the projects, communicated the impact created, and illuminated areas for growth. The lessons learned in 2022 were implemented in the strategic planning for LOVE YOUR LIVER at EASL Congress 2023. Early planning, organisational alignment, and strong relationships with partners allowed EASL to grow the projects and more than double the impact created.

Please visit the EASL Congress webpage for more information on the latest impact initiatives and stay tuned for the release of the 2023 impact report.


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