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Brace Yourself for Maximum Impact with ESAE’s 2022 Programme

While 2021 can be classified as the year of “recovering” Association activities, 2022 promises to be the year of “impactful” associations. It won’t be enough to return from the tumultuous Covid-19

pandemic, as many organizations found themselves doing this past year. While some may have

made wise or even lucky choices, it still was largely short-term and reactive. Now, it is time for

Association executives to resume more proactive, strategic leadership to ensure the long-term

strength and member value that cements their relevance.

It’s time to pack away the frustrations, settle the nerves and truly move forward, despite the world

remaining uncertain. In fact, association executives who are steady leaders as their environments

continue to shift will generate the most success.

To help effectively take on this critical responsibility, at ESAE we have developed a 2022 programme under the overarching theme-- Impactful Associations: Your Executive Toolkit – addressing core areas of management every executive needs to best serve their members in this new world. ESAE members will have access to 18 peer-to-peer events covering the practical as well as strategic elements of strong Association management.

Your Community ensures that you will have complimentary access to critical advice on strategic

focus and analysis, social responsibility leadership, creating sustainable and legacy-building events

and building impactful coalitions.

You don’t have to shoulder the load alone either, the new ESAE membership tiers make it possible to include key staff members so they also develop the skills and critical thinking necessary to support your association or society’s goals. Among the sessions your team can take advantage of are data management options and operational efficiency approaches, the power of storytelling in member marketing, building professional credentialling programs, technology to boost social media presence and tips for launching advocacy activities.

A full 2022 calendar will be available in January to help you plan.

Dianna Steinbach

ESAE Programming Committee Chair

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